Vasurda- this is Echo Base. You are clear for take off!

Part 1 of 3 in a series on the GR-75 Scum conversion kit

So I have agreed to an epic game with James in order to playtest the fan made GR-75 scum conversion kit, marked as a stop gap measure to give the Scum faction a huge ship until FFG release one. After a bit of dilberation on who got to fly the scum fleet and gets to do the testing, James came up with the idea of let’s both run Scum. He will test a GR-75 with a title that gives it a firing arc, and I will fly one without. This way, we both get to fly scum, and we get to playtest more of the kit.

Having read through the kit, I’ve found a couple of cards that raise a few questions, so I’ve whipped up a quick FAQ (see below.)

Match report and a full review to follow the game, which will be a new blog post. If any new FAQ items appear, I’ll update them here.



v1.02: Added clarification on using Bossk crew

v1.01: Added update on Tomaas Azzameen and frequency jammer

v1.00: FAQ created


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