Scum GR-75 kit builds

Part 2 of 3 in a series on the GR-75 Scum conversion kit

Following on from my previous article on the custom Scum & Villainy GR-75 kit on the FFG forums, I have been creating some sample GR-75 builds. I’ve not got much experience with ships with hardpoint weapons, so my first thought that most of the kit is redundant as without a target lock action and no Scum ships that give target locks out to friendly ships, there is limited potential to modify dice- and let’s face it; with just a regular sized firing arc at the front of the ship, but with the manoeuvrability of a huge ship, every time something is in arc- you need to make it count!

However, after looking at the hardpoints, I did see some potential, so here for your viewing pleasure are some of the potential builds I have thought up:

The heavy gun boat


This beast comes in at a whopping 105 points, which on the surface seems like way too much. But a naked CR-90 comes out at 90 points, with just it’s primary turret weapon. For the extra 15 points, you’ve filled out every upgrade slot. You can do two attacks per turn (three on the turn you use “Hot Shot Blaster”) and have some dice modification ability thanks to Bossk (as you are a huge ship, you don’t suffer the stress token and don’t get the focus token, but you do get the target lock) and the Gunnery team. If the dice still fail you, the Quad Laser Cannons allow you to spend one energy to fire them again, so you are looking at a potential 4 shots in the worst case scenario. You also have Tibanna Gas Supplies for that turn where you really need some energy for the guns, and automated protocols for free recover and reinforce actions. The Quad Laser Cannons also work really well with Arns Grimraker, as it’s within his range 1-3 restriction, so it’s not the end of the world if a ship dodges your firing arc. Arns works like the Gozanti Dual Laser Turret, so can fire outside of either section of the ships base.

This thing will burn through energy though. Three of your cards cost 1 energy to use, and the Quad Laser Cannons cost an energy to fire and an energy to re-fire if they miss. You may find that Optimized Generators is a better choice of modification, so you can move energy on to the weapons knowing you’ll still be able to get energy for the ship and the other abilities that need it. You probably won’t have much energy left for recover actions, so you shouldn’t miss Automated Protocols too much.

You may also find engaging ships at range 1-2 a bit risky, especially with no agility, a very limited dial, and only a forward facing arc. For an extra 2 points over Quad Laser Cannon, you may find it better to equip 1 or 2 Single Turbolasers, which are rubbish against high agility ships, but allow you to attack huge ships (your ideal situation) or even large ships like Decimators and Falcons at range. If you go for 2 Single Turbolaser, you could easily drop Arns Grimraker and save 15 points, and free up a crew slot for Shield Technician or WED-15 Repair Droid.


The light gun boat


I’m not as keen on this build, as there’s no dice modification apart from attacking again with Quad Laser cannon, but at 59 points it’s a huge ship with controlled regen (thanks to Automated Protocols and Shield Technician.) I want the Black Sun Escort Q-Ship to be a thing. I want Scum GR-75’s with a firing arc to be a thing (it’s so Scummy to stick a firing arc on a transport!) I like the paint scheme on the Black Sun ships, and I’d like to get another GR-75 and paint the logo on to match, but I’m not convinced this is a great use of 59 points.

The Black Sun Escort Q-Ship I think will require proper play testing to find the sweet spot. I’m thinking start off even lighter (GR-75, the title, Single Turbo Laser and possibly Optimized Generators for 48/53 points), keep it at the back to pick on the low agility ships at range, and see how many upgrades I can add before it becomes a waste of points. My issue with keeping it at range is you loose the ability to use co-ordinate and jam actions, which are what make the GR-75 surprisingly useful.


The cheap battering ram


It’s not exactly cricket, but this build is all about overlapping small and large ships, removing them in one shot! It really needs a few ships dealing out ion tokens to pin them in place (Y-Wings with ion turrets for 23 points anyone?) as once they are ioned, they are sitting ducks. With the engine booster, you can cover a decent amount of distance on the board. WED-15 will help you fix the crits, and you might consider a Tibanna Gas Supplies at 4 points to make sure you have enough energy to fix the crits you will take from battering ships with your hull. Automated Protocols and Shield Technician will help protect you from fire from enemy ships, but are optional.

For an extra 12 points, you could take the Black Sun Escort Q-Ship title and an Ion Cannon Battery so you can ion your targets yourself if you so wished. However, don’t be surprised if your opponent makes taking your GR-75 down his top priority if you use that tactic! You might also miss the energy you gain at speed 3 and 4 from the Vasudra title.


The support ship


As a fan of the X-Wing Alliance PC game, this is one of my favourite builds as the Scum title and crew are taken from it. This transport is designed to follow your squad in to battle, taking advantage of the modified jam action and also using Frequency Jammer to stress an additional ship. Co-ordinates also come in useful, and my usual party trick of Automated Protocols and Shield Technician help keep the ship alive.


Look out for match reports as I test these builds out. Have you tried the Scum GR-75 kit? Let me know your thoughts below.


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