My Top 10 Star Wars characters

In honour of Star Wars day, I’m going to do a list of my top 10 Star Wars characters from the Star Wars franchise that I have discovered so far

WARNING: May contain various spoilers. You have been warned!

10: The Grand Inquisitor – I’m not normally a fan of bad guys, but the concept of the Grand Inquisitor intrigued me. He had a British accent (as all good villains should) and started off fighting with a rapier style lightsaber in a very gentlemanly style of fighting. Different enough from your traditional bad guy that it resonated with me. I also really liked the temple guards from the clone wars, which of course the Grand Inquisitor was before.

9: Wedge Antilles – Cool, calm and collected, Wedge is probably the Rebellion’s best pilot but doesn’t have the ego complex of Anakin Skywalker or Han Solo to go with it. Wedge was a key part of the battle of Yavin and at the battle of Endor blew up the second Death Star along with Lando Calrisian. I’ve only read a couple of old legends comic with him in, and again he is a level headed and an incredibly competent pilot and military leader.

8: Hondo Ohnaka – Hondo got on my nerves at first, but eventually I found him hilarious. There is one episode of Clone Wars in Season 5 where my girlfriend sat upstairs was concerned about the strange barking laugh I was making! Hondo does bring comedy to Clone Wars and Rebels, but he quickly makes friends then double crosses and makes friends again – it keeps you on your toes! His gang were also smart enough to capture Count Dooku, Obi Wan and Anakin. Not something every pirate gang could do.

7: Hera Syndulla – Hera shares a lot of the same qualities as Wedge. She is passionate about the Rebellion, but her and Kanan become almost adoptive parents of the Ghost crew. Unlike Rey they don’t make Hera an expert at anything she turns her hand to. She is an amazing pilot, and has some fighting and espionage skills (especially in the novel A New Dawn) but they don’t over do it in other areas. Her leadership abilities and loyalty are recognized and she slowly makes her way up the ranks of the Rebellion. She also provides a solid character to bounce off of with the humourous scenes in Rebels, usually setting up a funny scene with Chopper.

6: Captain Rex – Rex is a badass Clone Trooper, always ready for action, and a solid part of the Republic Army. I think the scene that most sums him up is when trying to retake a Republic outpost. One of the Clones asks to take point, and Rex replies “I always go first!” I also like the modifications Rex has made to his armour, and his choice of dual blaster pistols so he can get stuck in at close quarters.

5: Anakin Skywalker – But not in the films I might add! The character was whinny and the acting was terrible! But in the Clone Wars, Anakin is an amazing character. A powerful force user and incredible in lightsaber combat, as well as the best pilot in the Galaxy, Anakin is sent by the Jedi council to do the most difficult of tasks. And where the rest of the Jedi fail, he usually succeeds. He’s not afraid to use questionable techniques to get the job done such as force choking. While this was probably added to show a more gradual decent to the the dark side, I feel Anakin could still have used these powers and stayed loyal to the Jedi if they hadn’t been such dicks to him. Time and time again, Anakin saves the day, and the Jedi rarely cut him any slack (especially Mace Windu.) Anakin’s banter with those who are close to him (Obi Wan, Rex and Ahsoka) also is a core chunk of the humour in the Clone Wars, and the story arcs with Anakin and Ahsoka in are the best ones in the series.

4: Embo – Embo was a Kyuzo bounty hunter, who didn’t speak much but his combat scenes are amazing. The concept of his hat/ shield/ surfboard/ Captain America shield is unique in the Clone Wars (and probably the rest of Star Wars), but he also has some other cools things like his bowcaster (traditionally a Wookie weapon) and his pet dog thing. He also seems to have some sort of code of honour, as he was one of the bounty hunters defending the farmers in the story with Hondo trying to steal from them (hardly a high paying job?) His competence in combat also gives Anakin Skywalker a run for his money when the two fight. Hopefully we will see Embo in Rebels at some point.

3: R2-D2 – R2-D2 has been my favourite character for years. As a kid, the gadget laden whistling droid was always fun, plus he looks really cool, but growing up I still appreciate the heroics and loyally of the droid. He has developed personality and resourcefulness above any other droid due to escaping frequent member wipes. Anakin and Ahsoka genuinely care about the droid, and he responds with what the puppy equivalent of love must be! He has a few spotlight moments in the Clone Wars which are fun and show off what a capable droid he is, not forgetting how many times he saves the day in the films. His reunion with Ahsoka in the novel Ahsoka also got me right in the feels. One of the best parts of the book. Anakin always called R2-D2 “buddy”, and one of the tradgeys of Anakin’s turn to the darkside is the end of this friendship. In Revenge of the Sith, as they head to Mustafphar, you can tell R2 is nervous, and knows something is wrong with Anakin. R2 just wants his old master back.

2: Ahsoka Tano – My reaction to Ahoska’s introduction in the Clone Wars film was the same as everyone else’s. “Who is this annoying little girl and why have they brought her in to ruin Star Wars?” However, as the character grows and develops through the series, so does your appreciation for her as a character. She always wants to do the right thing but often gets clouded by this and gets reckless. She was the perfect Padawan for Anakin Skywalker, and the dynamic between the two of them is a big part of the Clone Wars series. She also becomes best friends with Rex and respects the astromech droids like R2-D2 as though they were equals. Again, she becomes very powerful with the force, especially for a Padawan, and her lightsaber form is very different and cool to watch. Like Anakin she is not scared to use force to interrogate prisoners, but she seems more weary of the dark side then Anakin does and manages to avoid falling for it’s trap, even though the Jedi look down their noses at her just like they do with Anakin. After the Clone Wars she becomes a fearsome warrior in her own right but never looses the compassion powerful Jedi like Mace Windu seem to have lost. And the scene where she defeats two Inquisitors whilst the Rebels crew just watch is fantastic.

1: Chopper – My first thought was that Chopper was a stupid design. I didn’t like the two weird arms coming out of his head. However, the cantankerous droid is hilarious and a big part of why I watch Rebels! He carries out orders, but in his own way, and isn’t scared to wind up his crew. Essentially, he’s a bit of a dick! He saves the day on a number of occasions and isn’t afraid to show off about it. Like R2-D2, he seems very human, though maybe a bit crazy. One of my favourite moments is when Hera asks him to blow up the house, and he runs around planting explosives, laughing manically. He has his serious moments too. I liked the episode where he was talking to another Clone Wars droid, he refereed to himself as a ‘War Hero’ and showed that he kept a hologram of Hera. Despite being a dick, after all these years he recognizes and appreciates her saving him.

Other notable mentions that didn’t make the list:


Quinlan Vos

The Guardians of Whills


Kea Moll



Hope you enjoyed my list! May the 4th be with you!


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