Family Tie Expansion – playtest

So today I’ve got to playtest the Family Ties Expansion, alongside the GR-75 conversion and the BFF-1 kit. Not going to do a full write up as I am suffering from trapped nerves affecting my arms and hands, so I am trying to minimize my computer time.


I now have a big enough table to play epic at home. I took a list that was as close to the X-Wing Alliance game as I could get, and Spencer brought an ace heavy list (the kind I like to fly against.) It was quite slow at first as neither of our red dice rolled particularly well. Spencer took out Emamon Azameen, then I took out one of his Jumpmasters. Then he slowly started picking off my ships one by one, resulting in a big victory for Spencer.

WP_20180624_12_07_14_ProBeginning of round 3



I don’t mind loosing with custom ships as it proves they are not overpowered. I think a non-story based list with some of these ships would do well – for example Zuckuss crew on the Otana would be incredibly useful. Looking forward to running some of the Family Ties expansion again and a rematch!


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