Two player destiny draft

In my hunt for Doctor Aphra, I recently bought a whole Legacies booster box in hopes she’d be in there (there’s quite a few other useful cards in there too I want.)

I decided it might be fun to draft with some of those packs and keep the cards to get a bit more value from the box, so I had a small two player draft with my friend Nathan. The draft was a couple of weeks ago so my brain is a little fuzzy.

The first round I didn’t draft any characters worth using, so I went Lobot/ Ketsu/ Jawa. I also grabbed ALL off the plots in the draft, and Scariff Comm tower. I had grabbed most of the yellow cards, so Nathan went Anakin/ Lobot/ Jawa. The Jawa was much more present in this two player draft than the 12 player one at OG Games, and he was surprisingly useful (even if it was only to remove his dice to resolve another card.) I was really impressed with Lobot, as his special ability is really powerful, increasing the damage other characters can do. I ended up with the sniper riffle on Ketsu and the repeating blaster on Lobot, so there was a good mix of dice being rolled and a lots of choice of dice for Lobot to increase the damage of.

The second round we used Nathan’s Way of the Force boosters. I can’t remember what was played, but I do remember Nathan won.

For a tie breaker, we then opened three packs each of Legacies and three Way of the Force each. I ended up with Jar Jar Binks/ Clone Trooper/ Jawa and Mother Talzin. Nathan had Battle Droid/ Jedha Partisan/ Jawa and Anakin. We both had one of each colour character, so the possibilities were limited only by the cards our opponent didn’t pick, as any choice was valid. This was probably the closest and most fun game of them all.

I had to remember to activate Jar Jar Binks first, as he can be negative to you if you roll him when you have other dice in your pool. However at 7 points he is a cheap way to get yellow cards in your deck! Clone Trooper got tooled up with the usual tools (repeating blaster/ sniper riffle/ supply pack) and was my damage machine. At one point he rolled his special on the repeating blaster, did two damage, then re-rolled the special back into the pool which Nathan was less than happy about! With his upgrades, at one point I lined up 6 ranged damage with the Clone Trooper so took out the Jawa early rather than overkill the Battle Droid. We were both using our Jawa in a similar way (pot shots and removing his die to resolve cards) so it wasn’t a waste to take it off the board. My Clone Trooper was the obvious target and went next, followed by the Battle Droid. It was very much a close tit for tat battle. In the end it was Mother Talzin versus his Anakin, and she only just won, owing to her ability to change an opponents dice which has a 50/50 chance of going off, and I got lucky with it.

I still love drafting, though rotating 12 booster packs around two people is a lot more restrictive than rotating 36 between six people. At one point Nathan was trying to build a two character blue deck and didn’t have 30 blue and grey cards to do it, so had to switch to a two colour deck.

This was followed by opening another 18 booster packs and watching the rest of what was a days pay be opened and done with in about 30 minutes! Whoops!

All in all I got Zebs Bo Riffle and Yoda which I was pleased with, plus Force Wave which I traded for something I really wanted, then 3 duff legendaries and no Doctor Aphra 😦 Nevermind, that’s the risk of a TGC.

Till next time!


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